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Human-computer interaction and the study of airline disasters.
Whoa! Sorry, that image is a little much for a Monday morning.

William Langewiesche, who's excellent on the intimate association of human beings and technology in aviation, has a new article on the crash of Air France 447. Here he is in 2009 on the midair collision between a business jet and a commercial airliner over the Amazon, and later that year on the Airbus that splashed down in the Hudson River.

Yale historian of science Bill Rankin reveals his five favorite maps from all of history. For more maps made by Rankin himself, check out his awesome website Radical Cartography.

What if peer reviewers were rewarded for their work? A new start-up, Publons, hopes to do so. (Will this finally fill in that mysterious gap in the cycle of credit??)

Extended Evolutionary Synthesis -- a new chapter in the history of biology?

They made a movie about Turing.

fascinating story about the complex politics behind school lunches.

An art gallery in LA is showing the work of Stan VanDerBeek, an early figure in computer-generated art.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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