Links: Materialist history of the digital, the economics of blood, and the nomenclature of meat

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Good morning!

The beauty of the microscopic world: Check out the winning photographs from this year's Nikon Small World Microphotography competition.

Tiny stuff, massive image-processing.

Jussi Parikka on the materiality of digital media and the geological impact of our contemporary digital culture.

On a similar note... The labor force behind social media's censorship machine.

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a report calling on the world to phase out its dependence on fossil fuels by 2100.

Revealing the invisible international bioeconomy of rare blood.

MI5 spied on historians Eric Hobsbawm and Christopher Hill for decades, tapping their phones, reading their mail and keeping track of their friends and family, before and after they broke with Communist Party. Yet they apparently were surprised that Hobsbawm liked jazz. Here's Hill's review of Leviathan and the Air-Pump, in Social Studies of Science.

They're standardizing meat nomenclature!

An op-ed on ADHD by a Weill Cornell physician-researcher hits the highs and lows of neuroscience research and writing. On the one hand: interesting perspective on the effect of the ubiquity of screens on childhood ADHD! On the other hand: a sociobiological argument about the adaptivity of ADHD on the prehistoric savanna, based on a study of the genetics and relative "nourishment" of members of an African tribe.

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