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The host of "Quirks and Quarks," a Canadian public radio program and podcast, lists his top 10 science stories of the year, including the development of the gallium nitride crystal for blue LED lights and the discovery of the 12,000 year-old skeletal remains of a teenage girl in a Yucatan cave.

On the centenary of the death of John Muir, the celebrated naturalist and conservationist, the Los Angeles Times re-ran his original obituary.

DNA's gone to the dogs: A company called PooPrints is America's first "dog poop DNA matching service." Poo-Prints is helping businesses and condo boards identify dog-owners who don't clean up after their canine companions. A strange new extension of the DNA effect...

Tis' the time of the year for top 10 lists: Nature News gives its take on the 10 most interesting science newsmakers of the year.

Will Thomas on the developing historiography of economic thought and its relationship with history of science.

Was 2014 the year of the gene mutation? Jerome Groopman's essay about recent shifts in how we think about cancer treatment and Gina Kolata's story about harnessing naturally occurring genetic mutations to fight aggressive diseases highlight two ways that researchers have honed in on gene mutations as promising therapeutics. 

And Cambridge University Library has digitized and made available online the sketchbook by Conrad Martens, ship's artist aboard HMS Beagle.

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