What is the best (first) book on HOS in America right now?

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Know the answer? Let us know! FHSA wants to recognize a great work. Here's the official call:

The Forum for the History of Science in America has begun gathering books for its 2012 Publication Prize.

Here are the eligibility criteria:
- any book published in the English language with a publication year 2009, 2010 or 2011,
- authored by a Scholar(s) for whom this consititutes a "first book",
- on a topic in American science ("American" loosely defined to include the western hemisphere, "science" conservatively defined to exclude books focusing on either the "clinical and social history of medicine" or the "history of technology").
Authors are encouraged to self-nominate.

Please submit titles and publisher information to David Spanagel [spanagel@wpi.edu] between now and June 30, 2012.  Examination copies of each nominated book must be delivered to the three (3) prize committee members by July 31, 2012 for that book to receive full consideration.

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