Next Week: PACHS Introductory Symposium

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As many of you know, the Philadelphia Area Center for the History of Science (PACHS) anchors an increasingly rich array of HPS offerings—talks, conferences, fellowships, and even a blog—on offer in Philly. They've got events almost every day of the week, drawn together from institutions spread up and down the Delaware.

In about a fortnight, PACHS is hosting its 2012 Introductory Symposium. This is a chance for scholars from around the area to present brief synopses of their current projects. It should provide a great cross-section of current work in HPS, much of which (by the looks of the program) falls within the purview of AmericanScience.

There are projects spanning from the colonial period, through the Early Republic, the Gilded Age, and across the twentieth century. Lots of comparative work, tons of connections between science and politics, agriculture, and industry, and even a tiny bit on the scientific method. 

The all-day event is being held on Friday, September 28th, at (I believe, though it's not obvious—to me—from the website) the Library Company of Philadelphia

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