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It’s Monday, so you know what that means: Weekly Roundup! Click through for the best of this week’s science news that you might have missed.

Are universities' efforts to further their own social mobility undermining that of their students?  A New America white paper suggests so.

Is the multiverse theory already passé?

Another entry for Jenna's STS Ferguson Syllabus: Nathaniel Comfort on the problem with arguments over whether or not race is genetic, in Nature.

The first blood test for depression, or one more category error?

Where do your condoms come from? This fun NPR piece explores recent consumer trends towards socially responsible condoms - whether they be fair trade, organic, or GMO free.

NASA’s MAVEN rover has finally made it to Mar’s atmosphere!

In a moving personal essay, University of Hawaii geobiologist A. Hope Jahren shares how a sexual assault early in her career forever changed the course of her scientific work. She is not alone - an estimated 1/4 of all female scientists have been sexually assaulted in the field, often by their own senior colleagues. Jahren argues that this danger must be seriously addressed if we hope to increase female representation within STEM.

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