Poe, Leidy, Morton, and Some Skeletons

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Now that's a picture: Edgar Allan Poe, Joseph Leidy, and Samuel George Morton at Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences Pho...

Touring The Idea Factory....or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bell Labs

A Special Guest Post from Ben Gross, Research Fellow, Center for Contemporary History and Policy, at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (Thank...

Facebook and Conspicuous Affection

A little over 110 years ago Thorstein Veblen published The Theory of the Leisure Class , in which he spelled out his now famous and well-kno...

Shotgunning, Inc.

More thoughts on beer technologies! These should go down just as smoothly as  my post on canning craft beer (written up more fully here )....
Brooke Hindle on Early American Science

Brooke Hindle on Early American Science

This retrospective look (from the 1980s, it seems, by Brooke Hindle ) at the mid-twentieth-century origins of the history of science in ear...
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