Links: Mammoths, Profanity, and GMOs

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Good morning! Let's start off with a plug: the MIT History, Anthropology, and STS Program (HASTS) has a Twitter account run by a ...

Politics of Nature

A new type of rock found off the coast of Hawaii made of volcanic rock, seashells, and plastic.

Links: Space, the Internet, and Playmobil

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Good morning!  After a hiatus for conference wrap-ups, the Weekly Roundup is back with an extra-large helping of links. Hey, have you h...

SHOT Recap: Innovation, Risk, and Magic

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This past weekend, while many friends from the HSTM world were convening in Chicago for HSA/PSA, I was in Dearborn, MI attending my first m...

HSS Recap Part 2: Humans, Pain, and Philosophy

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Yesterday, Leah took us on a tour of this past weekend's HSS annual meeting: visibility and invisibility, epistemology and ontology,...

HSS Recap Part 1: Visibility and Invisibility

Evan and I are just back from a long weekend in Chicago, where we attended the 2014 History of Science Society Annual Meeting. Tod...

Atomic shells

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Like a lot of us, I'm applying for jobs. In practical terms, that means I have been firing a lot of PDFs into the cloud, with no reason ...

Links: Materialist history of the digital, the economics of blood, and the nomenclature of meat

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Good morning! The beauty of the microscopic world: Check out the  winning photographs  from this year's Nikon Small World Micropho...
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