Curation and Research in Art and Science

Curation and Research in Art and Science

Chicago's Field Museum is making drastic cuts to basic research in order to meet a constrained budget. Lukas has argued  that this shoul...

. . . By Exemplars: Kuhn in Chicago

A few weeks ago, I attended a birthday party at the University of Chicago called "Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Thomas Kuhn'...
An Experiment in Teaching Hiroshima to Tomorrow's Engineers

An Experiment in Teaching Hiroshima to Tomorrow's Engineers

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As many of our readers attempt to recover from the semester's end, I'm pleased to present a guest post by David Spanagel, reflecting...

The Field Museum Cuts Basic Research

Karl Akeley's famous "Fighting African Elephants" being put on display at the Field Museum in Chicago, ~1905. The Field...

"Change or Die!": The History of an Innovator's Aphorism

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I asked Matt Wisnioski to share something with our readers about the history of technological change and innovation in celebration of the re...

Should Online Communities Have Rights?

On November 30th, 2012, NCsoft, a South Korea-based video game maker, shutdown one of its digital properties, a massive multiplayer online r...

The Queues of Disneyland, and other thoughts from HSS

My undergraduate course in discrete mathematics introduced me to some of the paradigmatic problems of the field, including Euler's Seven...

The Fall of Jonah Lehrer (Part 4 of 4)

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This post concludes my four-part series on the cultural context of contemporary popular science writing. The preceding three parts are  here...
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