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The Forum wants your articles on American science, and it wants to give someone a prize.

See the official announcement:

The Forum for the History of Science in America has begun gathering articles for its 2011 Publication Prize.

Here are the eligibility criteria:
- any Article published in the English language in a professional journal issue (or chapter in a multi-authored edited volume) dated 2008, 2009 or 2010,
- authored by a Scholar(s) who received the Ph.D. in 2001 or afterward (i.e. recent Ph.Ds and graduate students are eligible for the article prize),
- on a topic in American Science ("American" loosely defined to include the western hemisphere, "science" conservatively defined to exclude articles focusing on either the "clinical and social history of medicine" or the "history of technology").
Authors are encouraged to self-nominate.

Please submit pdfs of published articles to David Spanagel
spanagel@wpi.edu between now and July 31, 2011.

with many thanks,

David Spanagel
Chair FHSA Prize Committee (2011-12)
Assistant Professor of History
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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  • From Mark Largent:
Paper proposals for the bi-annual meeting of the International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology [Ishkabibble for those in the know] are due no later than Thursday, March 3.

For information on the meeting and to submit a paper, go to:


  • From Evan Koblenz:

If anyone here is interested in the history of computing, here's an event that I produce (open the public; it's not an academic conference) called the Vintage Computer Festival. http://www.vintage.org/2011/east (and also http://www.facebook.com/vcfeast7)

  • From Dan Goldstein:

State Historical Society of Iowa
2011/2012 Research Grants

The State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI) announces a grant pro­gram for the 2011/2012 academic year. SHSI will award up to ten stipends of $1,000 each to support original research and interpre­tive writing related to the history of Iowa or Iowa and the Midwest. Preference will be given to applicants proposing to pursue previ­ously ne­glected topics or new approaches to or inter­pretations of pre­viously treated topics. SHSI invites applicants from a variety of backgrounds, including aca­demic and public historians, graduate students, and indepen­dent researchers and writers. Applications will be judged on the basis of their potential for producing work appropriate for publi­cation in The Annals of Iowa. Grant recipients will be expected to produce an annotated manuscript targeted for The Annals of Iowa , SHSI’s schol­arly journal.

Applications for the 2011/2012 awards must be postmarked by April 15, 2011. Download application guidelines from our Web site ( http://www.iowahistory.org/publications/the-annals-of-iowa/research-grants-for-authors.html ) or request guidelines or further informa­tion from:

Research Grants
State Historical Society of Iowa
402 Iowa Avenue
Iowa City IA 52240-1806

Phone: 319-335-3931
e-mail: marvin-bergman@uiowa.edu

Marvin Bergman, editor
402 Iowa Avenue
Iowa City IA 52240

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