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Hi readers!

As you may have noticed, we've got a new home. From now on, your burning need for expert commentary on STS and the history of science will officially be satisfied by our elegant new site, at our elegant new address: americanscienceblog.com.

We have a lot of exciting plans that we're looking forward to bringing to you on the new platform. There will be reading groups on classic articles, press-hot book reviews, and expanded coverage both thematically and temporally. And fear not: all of our previous posts (and the posts of American Science bloggers emeriti) can also be found at the new site. (This old site isn't going anywhere, so links will still work.)

If you haven't been keeping up with us over the summer, there are plenty of links you've missed, all available at the new site. And we've now started posting our favorites daily, rather than weekly, so there's already tons of material to help you get your semester's procrastination off to a solid start. And as always, we're on twitter at @americansciblog.

See you at americanscienceblog.com!

—David, Jenna, Leah, and Evan

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