About the FHSA

The Forum for the History of Science in America (FHSA) sponsors AmericanScience. While the views expressed on AmericanScience are decidedly those of the contributors alone, all of us are committed to fostering a vibrant discussion of the history of science in America, broadly defined.

The Forum for the History of Science in America promotes research and education on the history of science in the Americas, encourages an interest in science among American historians, and fosters historiographical and methodological excellence among historians, scientists, and others who might contribute to the understanding of science in America.

The Forum is governed in accordance with its constitution and bylaws, adopted in 1986. The officers consist of nine elected members of a Steering Committee and a Chair appointed by the Committee. In addition, a Secretary-Treasurer, the Editor of the Forum’s Newsletter, and the Forum Liaison to the History of Science Society serve as ex-officio members of the Steering Committee. The newsletter, News and Views, is distributed twice a year to members and to some 50 libraries and history of science programs. A directory of historians of American science is also published periodically (last issued in 1993). The Forum presents an annual award recognizing outstanding published contributions to the history of American science. The Forum is a tax-exempt organization under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

In 1988, the Council of the History of Science Society formally acknowledged the Forum as an “Interest Group” of the society. In sponsoring sessions at HSS annual meetings, the Forum helps ensure that topics of interest to its members are on the program. As with other Interest Groups, the forum maintains its individuality and independence, keeping its own roster, electing its own officers, publishing its newsletter, and accounting for its own financial transactions.

Our steering committee for 2012-2013 consists of:
David Spanagel, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Chair
Daniel Goldstein, UC Davis
Matthew Lavine, Mississippi State University
Megan Raby, University of Wisconsin
Luis Campos, Drew University
Audra Wolfe, Independent Scholar
Christine Keiner, Rochester Institute of Technology
Michael Pettit, York University
Harold Burstyn, Syracuse University
Gwen Kay, SUNY Oswego, Secretary-Treasurer
Dan Bouk, Colgate University, Editor

Past newsletters:
Fall 2011
Spring-Summer 2011
Fall 2010
Spring 2008

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