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The last of the megafauna. Julian Fennessy/New York Times

Good morning! This week in science news:

MIT anthropologist Amy Johnson published a great piece on Medium this week about the 2011 Japanese earthquake, social media, and the nature of digital citizenship.

The NIH has an age problem.  

Thomson Reuters uses citation data to predict the 2014 Nobel class.  Sure, they've been doing so since 2002, but Eugene Garfield was doing this sort of thing back in the 60's.

Marmosets! Being cute, watching TV, and participating in field experiments.

Interview with Dr. Peter Piot, a member of the team who first isolated the Ebola virus. Apparently choosing the name "Ebola" involved a few drinks, a late night conversation, and an inaccurate map.

Does Big Data mean the end of clinical trials?

A historian takes on the oil industry in Louisiana.

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